Nail & Eye Lashes

Finger Bowl
Feet Special Cream Protector Cream Special Dye
Nail Whitener Cream with Talcum Action Eye Make-up Remover
Water Base
Finger Bowl Eyelashes Mask Dye Applicator Brush
Sun Protection Factor
Hand Cream
Hand Creams Display Hands Cream 100% Natural
Shock Treatment Eye Make-up Remover
Sweater Lotion
Specially for Feet
Kit Hands Sauna Hands Regenerating Peeling
with AHA
Spa Pedicure
Artificial Eyelashes Glue Relaxing Cream for Feet Hands & Feet Paraffin
Spa Manicure Cuticle Remover Forms Gel
Acrylic Liquid Special Regenerating Oil
for Feet
Artificial Eyelashes
Available 3 models
Sauna Cream
Sauna Cream
Nail revitalizing
Urea Cream
Special for Feet
Special Sensitive Skin
Hand Cream
Cooling Relaxing Mask Mud Mask
Specially for Hands
Hand Cream Cuticles Reducing with AHA Citokines Hands Cream
Apricot Exfoliating
Specially for hands
Hands & Feet Lotion Treatment Sauna Cream Initial Phase
Primer Liquid Double - Action
Exfoliating Cream
Seal Gel
Tables for Manicure & Pedicure Finish Gel Primer Liquid without Acid
Cristal gel Sauna Cream
Cuticles Treatment
Massage oil for Feet
Footcare Exfoliation Salts Footcare Bath Salts Curlers
Gel Lamp DVD Tinting & Perming for
Eyelashes & Eye brows
Advanced Gel
Tttlwuh Stt Gel Wood Brush n.5
To apply primer.
Eyelashes Permanent Monodose Regenerating Cream Mini Kit Dye
Eyelashes Permanent. Classic Kit Acrylic Professional Kit Acylic with Tip
NAIL ART PEN Colour Tips Liponourishing Complex
Professional Nail Drill Kit Advanced Gel